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Brief History of the College

Sohra Government College, formerly known as “Sohra College” before its provincialisation in 2011, has a unique history of its own. Located at Saitsohpen Village in the lower reaches of the majestic Sohra Plateau, Sohra Government College stands out as the only full-fledged Government institution of higher education in the East Khasi hills district of Meghalaya.

Prior to 1982, there was no college under Sohra Civil Sub-Division. Due to extreme poverty, many parents could not send their children to Shillong for higher education. In such a situation, many talents were wasted due to this problem. After seeing this, an idea to start a college here at Sohra sprung up in the minds of some Government officers, Teacher- educators, youths and prominent persons of the area. That idea of starting a college here was first projected in the year 1982, to (L) Dr. R.S. Lyngdoh, the then Speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and (L) Mr. Peter Marbaniang, the then Education Minister, who happened to come to Sohra at that time. The two far-sighted leaders of our state promptly gave the assurances that the government would extend its helping hand but only on one condition, that the initiative should be taken by the people of the area themselves.

After this important event, urgent meetings of the teacher- educators, teachers, Youths, government officers of Sohra were held immediately to discuss the matter which prompted (L) Mr. H.L Marbaniang (Principal of Govt. Normal Training School, Sohra) and Mr. S. M. Kynsai Jones (SDO, Sohra Civil Sub-Division) at that time to approach Rama Krishna Mission, Catholic Mission and KJP Synod to start a college in Sohra but all  these religious missions expressed their inability in this regard.

The 18th of June 1982 is a very important date in the history of the college because it was on this day another meeting  was held with  Mr.S.M. Kynsai Jones (SDO, Sohra Civil Sub-Division) as the Convener and (L) Mr. H.L. Marbaniang, (Principal Government Normal Training School) as the Secretary of the newly formed Governing Board.The meeting came out with a resolution to start a college of the people,by the people and for the people under the name of “SOHRA COLLEGE’’ with the sole objective of catering to the needs of students from poor economic background,residing in Sohra and its adjoining areas.

Sohra college was officially inaugurated on the 10th of July 1982 by(L) Dr.B.Pakem the then Education Minister,Govt of Meghalaya.The Ist year Pre-University (Arts)Evening classes with an enrolment of 38 students was started on the evening of that very day temporarily at Cherra Presbyterian School. This is the Foundation Day of the college.

In 1984,the college was able to send its First batch of students to appear in the Pre-University (Arts) Examination of NEHU. Out of 7 students,4 were successful with 2 securing second Division and 2 third Division.

            It is important to note that funds for the college during the initial stages were raised through regular donations and subscriptions from well-wishers the College and its adjoining areas.

Before its provincialisation, Sohra College has faced many ups and down. In 1985, an alarm was raised by NEHU to close down the college for its inability to fulfill the criteria laid down especially for not having a reserve Fund of 1 lakh, a criterion needed for NEHU affiliation at that time. Under such critical time, once again the people of Sohra came to its rescue, when in the Public meeting that was held, they decided to donate and  they even decided that if not enough they were ready to take  loans in order to prevent the closure of the college. This clearly shows that the people of Sohra had clearly understood the value of Education since then.

After fulfilling all the criteria, Provisional affiliation was given by NEHU in 1986 vide letter No.CDC/8/85-86/1179 dt.2.12.1986.

   On the 1st of December 1990, Sohra college Building was completed and inaugurated by (L) Mr. H.S. Lyngdoh the then Education Minister of Meghalaya after which the Day shift was immediately started  in the year 1991.

In 1993 Sohra College was upgraded to the Degree college vide NEHU Letter No.CDC A.20/CDC/90-91/3198 dated 30th January 1993 with six Departments viz. Khasi, English, Political Science, History, Economics and Education.

From the Ist of October 2005, the college has been listed under 2(f) and 12 (b) of the UGC Act, following the approval for Permanent Affiliation which came into effect from the 14th of December,2004.

As we all know that the  college was provincialized in 2011 after being notified in 2009.Since then it has become a great blessings not only for the student community of Sohra but also for the whole state, as more and more youths could avail the benefits of securing higher education at an affordable price. It is interesting to note that besides students from Sohra and its surrounding villages, we also have students from Shillong, Ranikor and other districts as well.

Sohra Government College has come a long way from its existence in a temporarily building to its own building and expanding its service from the Pre-University level to Graduate level and from an evening session to a full time day session, from an enrolment of 38 students when it was inaugurated in 1982 to the current number of 700 plus students with well qualified teaching faculties. The college has also produced many outstanding individuals who are serving the society and the state in different fields.

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