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Institutional Distinctiveness

The Institutional Distinctiveness of Sohra Government College lies the Institute’s Inclusiveness. Nestled among the tiny hamlets of Saitsohpen village, Sohra Government College stood out as the only institution of higher education in the Sohra Plateau and the other outlying villages of the Southern slopes of the East Khasi Hills District, falling under the Sohra Civil Sub-division. Sohra Civil Sub-division has a population of about 9,207 (2011,cenus) and covers a geographical area of 351.99 sq km comprising of about 139 villages. These villages are remote and relatively poor making the affordability of a quality higher education a far-fetch dream. But the presence of the College in the area has given all the opportunity to realised the dream which otherwise would not have been possible. It may be mentioned here, that Sohra Government College, true to the spirit of inclusivity as envisaged in its vision statement, leaves no student outside the pail of admission, irrespective of his or her background, something our rural students cannot expect in any urban college.  

As it is, education from the humanist perspective historically focuses on developing rationality, autonomy, empowerment, creativity, affections and a concern for humanity. Sohra Government College is committed to the cause of empowerment of the rural youths, through access to higher education especially to the socio-economically less privileged students. It is worthwhile to know that currently, 80 percent of the total enrolment of 623 students in the College is recorded to have hailed from the poor families. This is possible because of the minimal fee structure offered by the College which is only 10% of what students of other colleges in the state pay for their higher education.

The College inclusive character is also evident is the spirit of Gender Equity practised by the College.  Sohra Government College gives special emphasis to the weaker sex ie., the educational empowerment of the female. Since its inception till date the college maintain a healthy trend in the enrolment of students with 60 percent female students. The College also has in place measures to ensure the safety and security of the female students and teachers alike. In the history of the college, there has never been any report of any crime or mishap against the student community of college. Further, it is the policy of the college management to ensure that everyone’s right is taken care of. That is why there are committees like Internal Complaints Committee which looks into any issues relating to gender equity, etc.

The students enrolled in the college come from a wide spectrum of categories. Every category is consciously accommodated during the admission process and each one can stake an equal claim to a quality higher education provided by the College.

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