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Khasi Music Diploma Course

The introduction of Khasi Music as a course was contemplated after giving due consideration to the fact that Sohra is renowned for its scenic beauty, talented inhabitants and also of the fact that the area boasts of a large footfall of tourists. Of late the area witnessed the mushrooming of a large number of home-stays and tourist resorts. It was thought that the best way to help the youths of the area is to encourage them in whatever art and talent they possessed that would not only help in the upliftment of their livelihood, but most importantly to promote their culture in this scenario where Cultural Tourism is regarded as the in-thing. Besides, being the cradle of the Khasi language, Sohra is also known for the varied Musical talents among its populace. The college therefore had comptemplated upon this idea for a long time. However, it was only in the year 2019 that a significant step towards making this idea a success was made.

The College planned the development of the Course Content, under the supervision of experts in the field of Music. The Course Content so developed had to be processed to higher authorities IN THE Education Department of the State, before being forwarded to the College Development Council, North Eastern University, so that the training so imparted would be credible. Approval for the same was attained in the later part of 2020.

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